First Trail

Making the first trail

Ranger prepping for a long haul
Ranger looking for better passage

Opening up the Gaat-Ikko Trail from Samoke to Balikongkong forest took months to penetrate the jungle floor, no machine used. Using machete is what it all takes to make the foot trail from Samoke to Balikongkong. Ikko (Francis Alipit) and his team exerted the effort of making and establishing this foot trail. Their labour of planning, surveying on the spot and at the same time going forward by foot on the jungle floor, pace by pace whilst cleaning to form a trail and scouting the earth’s surface, was not an easy task to do as this was being done manually. Time, energy and effort were all given to make this route a reality. Ikko and his team’s work was priceless in establishing this trail for future tourist to enjoy, hence we named this foot trail as GAAT-IKKO Trail.