Health is Wealth.


Our health is important. For us to have more energy, we need a healthy body and with our energy we can do more. We believe in the power of natural healing, and so would like to offer the opportunity for you to experience this. The Eco-Therapy known as Forest Bathing is an experience that you will definitely benefit from.

What is Forest Bathing?

It is the mindful exploration in the forest, also known as ‘shinrin-yoku‘. This research was developed in Japan in 1980s. The result of their research showed that it has a great impact in easing stress, improving mental and physical health, and renewing energy in the human system.

In addition, it also showed that in the forest a chemical is release called Phytoncides; which helps boost the immune system in our bodies.


  • Reduce Stress
  • Improves Aura
  • Improves Creativity
  • Boost Immune System
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Improves Natural Healing and Recovery

You can choose to tailor your stay in any camp you wish for natural medication or healing. A cleansing diet also helps to lower cholesterol and stabilise diabetes; these are risk-factors of heart problem. We believe natural grown fruits and vegetables are key to a successful cleansing diet, and we advise tailoring your stay within the months of the Fruit Season. Experience these miracle changes to your health.

With the aim of rejuvenating everyone’s health. We would like everyone to give this method a try as you enjoy the simple lifestyle living with nature.

Food and Beverages

As an environmentalist we simply classify our diets as superfood and food-for-survival. We believe that a self-sustainable home is where we find the true nature of healthy food.

Superfoods – They are healthy foods that are grown naturally without the implementation of any chemicals or alteration of its DNA. These foods are more likely to be visible with insect footprints.

Survival Food – These foods are mass produced. Due to the massive growth of human population, farms have to implement methods to support the growing needs of humanity. Thus, the manipulation of its DNA, application of pesticides and other chemicals are used. In effect, causes farmed goods to have abnormal growth, which in turn gives more of an appeal than their natural counterpart.

Rice is the staple food in every meal. Salted and smoked meats are popular in order for them to last longer. A variety of vegetables grown in the wild are widely available for harvesting. For example, taro leaves and its root crops, sweet potato leaves and its fruit crops, alukbati shoots, bamboo shoots, wild ampti and bitter vegetable, water crest and many more. These vegetables are available most of the season.

Dried fish is one of the popular side dish or viand, which compliments well with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and rice for breakfast. A popular soup-based meal in the Philippines is Sinigang. Cook with native boar/chicken for a more flavourful dish. Other ingredients includes organic Kamias, Tamarind leaves, Bugnay Cherries, Kangkong Leaves, Chilli Leaves and fruits, and many more depending on the season.

Beverages. We encourage a natural, healthy lifestyle opting to use organic ingredients and methods (apart from commercialised drinks which we don’t encourage) to produce true flavours. You can experience a variety of tea drinks, from organic plants in the area, one of which is the Guyabano(soursup) Tea, as well as Lemon Grass Tea and many more. We also serve home made first class 100% organic robusta Coffee from our self sustaining farms. These are available in our Hiking Camps and naturally tastes better than the commercialised and expensive known coffees in the market.