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Barangay Councillor

About Us


To Preserve the Natural Environment of the Forest and its Wildlife, in the wider picture of tackling Climate Change


To have an eco-friendly farm and to share our cultural heritage through tourism.

What we do

We are a modest, proactive group originating from Maducayan with a mission to share the hidden wonders of Balikongkong, Maducayan and its rich cultural heritage through tourism, farming and other activities.

Thus, we offer a unique opportunity for others to trek and camp, to explore and learn more about its cultural history, and to witness first-hand the future of coffee farming in Maducayan.

Balikongkong is densely rich in wildlife. For tourism to grow, for the benefit of the local areas, we have set a goal in establishing a foot trail from Samoke to Balikongkong. This aims to benefit the community and its surrounding ‘Barangays’(Villages) which will pave a path to a more flourishing Barangay(Village).


Taste the fresh brewed coffee. Contact us for more info


Enjoy and feel the wonders the earth has to offer in Balikongkong


Keep up-to-date of our aims and goals for a prosperous village


Let us tailor a unique adventure for you. Contact us

The Untold Story

First Night

First evening & morning in the mountain It was the first night and I wanted to use the time I had as much as possible.…
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First Trail

Making the first trail Opening up the Gaat-Ikko Trail from Samoke to Balikongkong forest took months to penetrate the jungle floor, no machine used. Using…
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