Maducayan Coffee Growers – is open for membership to all Majukayongs and its neighbouring Municipalities. With the mission of not only for subsistence coffee farming, but also to elevate the financial needs of its members by responsible farming and maintaining our forest and its wild life.

The Maducayan Coffee Growers Incorporated is a newly registered corporation, certified by the Securities & Exchange Commission, aiming to collaborate with entrepreneurial individuals who are interested in being involved in the coffee industry.

Maducayan Coffee Growers also intends on actively improving and supporting the economic input of all members.

Coffee Farming in Maducayan

The origins of coffee in Maducayan has a rich and important untold background, its usage has long been embedded in the area’s tribal culture of comradery and the importance of kinship.

Coffee was mainly produced by self-sustaining local farmers and families in upholding an important ritual to greet family and guests. Coffee has connotations of a ‘gift’ of something special. This is a coffee bean ‘steeped’ in the rich history of the Region.

We aim to preserve the unique cultural origins of Maducayan coffee farming and actively share the spirit of our ancestors in these coffee beans with the wider global community.

Extreme Farming

Witness first-hand the future of extreme coffee farming in Maducayan and follow us.

The process of overcoming geographical challenges to achieve ambitious goals. We believe that the way we do things is important in reaching our overall end-goals. And so our method of extreme farming (by chance) shows that even in so-called difficult and unusual places of farming it is possible to develop a healthy eco-friendly farm.

Our Method

Great tasting coffee begins at the root of coffee trees, it is the result of well-cared coffee plants.

Because of this we believe in letting coffee plants run its natural course of growth in its natural habitat, maintained by just minimal yet effective cleaning and pruning. They work themselves out organically, which produces pure and great tasting coffee.

We believe in nurturing native coffee by the extraordinary wonders of nature.